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Blockchain and CrytoAsset (K) Ltd.

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt many industries and other aspects of society in ways that will lower cost, drive efficiencies, reduce third-party reliance (disintermediation), enhance transparency and improve governance. At BAC(K) Ltd., together with our partners, we help implement the technology and advise our clients accordingly. More...

Cryptoassets are a new asset class for institutional investors, high-net worth individuals (HNMIs) and other accredited investors as well as sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) to diversify their investment portfolios into, via strategic allocations that optimise the balance between risk and opportunity in an increasingly digitalising world. BAC(K) Ltd. is here to assist them.  More...

Blockchain & cryptoasset implementation and advisory

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The Team

Director (Blockchain Technology)
John Walubengo BSc, MSc

Director (CryptoAssets)
Patrick Kiragu Mwangi BA, BSc, MA


Blockchain technology represents a new system on which the entire infrastructure of society will be built upon- a new internet. Cryptoassets are the added tools that will enable this.

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